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The Unique Problem in India...

With over 1.5 million schools and more than 300 million school-going children, education in India is one of the most complex systems in the world. Even though we’ve come a long way in improving enrolment and providing basic literacy, a majority of our children still need immediate help in acquiring foundational literacy and numeracy skills (source: ASER 2018). By 2025, nearly 200 million such children will enter the workforce for which they may not even by well-equipped. The lack of educational quality and equity in India is a problem screaming to be solved.

At Mantra4Change, we envision
  a better world – one with equal opportunities for all
– the key components being quality and
equity in education.
*State-Level MoUs signed in 3 states

Our Projects

Towards Systemic Education Transformation

Mantra4Change takes a systemic approach to address the issue of poor quality of education in under-resourced schools. The alignment to purpose and collaboration among multiple stakeholders is critical to the success and sustainability of change efforts in schools. We believe that a strong and conducive school environment promotes improved student outcomes.

“Passion, enthusiasm, change, teamwork, motivation, inspiration…. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about Mantra4Change. And all that they are is what they try to imbibe in the teachers that they work with. Mantra4Change has truly brought a change in our school and the teachers. I want to thank them for being who they are and doing what they do. Thank you Team Mantra!”

Anupa Gnanakan

Director of Education ACTS Group of Institutions, Bangalore

“I really appreciate how MANTRA is working towards bringing the community and the school together. We must all work as one for the benefit of our students.”

Bharathi Sudarshan

Cluster Resource Person Dommasandra Cluster, Anekal, Bangalore

“I have seen MANTRA grow in leaps and bounds over the years – from their growing presence in schools to the methodology used, and reporting success which is based on clear metrics. The team always comes up with creative ideas around scaling to achieve their ultimate vision. A team of hard-working go-getters, they have attracted similar thinking young individuals

Daya Kori

Former Managing Director

“The culture at Mantra4change is the same that they are inducing in the schools they mentor. I believe it is characterized by deep empathy, systematic execution, and high performance. Every member of Team Mantra is an exemplar of this culture and is an inspiration to work with.”

Sanjay Purohit

Founder ScaleChange Network

“I’ve seen an increasing trend in teachers continuing to work across clusters even after school hours. This enthusiasm among teachers has reflected positively in students’ learning outcomes. MANTRA’s intervention in the clusters of Anekal Block in collaboration with the education department is commendable."

Shankar Murthy

Block Resource Coordinator Anekal Taluk

"I have worked with many organizations in the past. But I have never seen any which works like Mantra. These people are a big support to our school. They engage deeply and empower us to solve our own problems. After my 2 years of association with Mantra, I see a clear change in the attitude of my teachers and parents; learning levels have improved. Also, Mantra has helped us connect to many other NGOs for our various requirements. The power of network and collaboration has been my personal biggest learning from them"

Mr. Zakaulla Shariff

Principal Florida English School, Padrayanapura, Bangalore

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