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The final episode of this series on Socio-Emotional Learning has us understanding Learning Curve's data analysis process and how this generates insights about socio-emotional learning that informs their work. Subbu and Akhila share their documentation process, including Monitoring & Evaluation and reporting. We discuss Learning Curve's communication process with schools and parents. Subbu and Akhila share the need for secondary research about socio-emotional learning in India and Learning Curve's efforts in this direction.



Subbu and Akhila from the Learning Curve Foundation are back to explain how socio-emotional learning theory can be broken down and converted into measurement tools used in the classroom. They share the framework and specific assessment tools that Learning Curve has used in its work. We also discuss Learning Curve's data collection process and tools, including the challenges such as building a contextualised framework from scratch due to the lack of research in the Indian context.



Listen to Subbu and Akhila from the Learning Curve Foundation introduce their work and what they've initiated to support socio-emotional learning for 11,000 families during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, we understand socio-emotional learning and why it's essential to education. We discuss how socio-emotional learning is integrated into school education and the school environment, while learning about its conceptual frameworks and how Learning Curve has adapted them for the Indian context.