Founded in the year 2013, MANTRA is an acronym that stands for Maverick Association for Novelty, Transformation, and Radical Augmentation. We work towards the vision of holistic development of society – the key component being quality and equity in education.

Started by three members as a pilot project at one school in Bengaluru, today Mantra4Change has a team size of 44 spanning across the city. Our School Transformation and Empowerment Project (STEP) and Project for Active Cluster Engagement (PACE) work with under-resourced schools. Mantra has directly partnered with 88 schools in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Through our projects, we take a holistic approach towards improving every school. We assess our impact through improved student outcomes, empowered school leadership, better teaching-learning practices, and productive community participation.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have believed that systemic transformation in education is impossible without collaboration at every level. In order to scale the idea of systemic transformation in school education, Mantra has also partnered with reputed non-profits, like Teach for India and Advaith Foundation. Creating communities of practice have accelerated our endeavor towards achieving systemic education transformation.

Our Values