The Children

The crisis of learning and developmental loss

Over 60% of India’s school-going children hail from the remotest geographies of the nation (MHRD: GoI). Living in rural and tribal areas, these children, most of whom are first generation learners, have diminished access to learning. The COVID 19 pandemic forced schools to shut down, leaving over 30 Crore children affected (UNESCO: May 2020), paving the way for large chances of falling even further behind and not being able to continue education altogether.

The current crisis will lead to children missing out on at least 6 months of school leading to further learning and developmental loss; speeding up dropouts from school. 

The Change makers

The crisis of survival and sustenance

Refusing to wait for an impending crisis that jolts the promise of education to children in India’s remotest corners, an army of changemakers is working in these disconnected geographies with a number of marginalized communities to build contextual learning resources. From supporting teachers seeking clarity on continuing learning to enabling parents to make ends meet and provide for their children – these Civil Society Organizations are on the ground every day trying to make a difference amidst the looming pandemic.

Working in remote, rural, and tribal geographies of the country adds to the disconnection these social entrepreneurs grapple with everyday. Few can work in these lands where conflict, poverty, and lack of resources make life difficult.

By leveraging the idea of Project-based learning and e-learning approaches,

100,000 learners are being supported across these geographies.

Encouraging family and community members to support a child’s learning, mobilizing youth volunteers from the rural and tribal communities to teach children, and even leveraging Kirana stores to distribute worksheets are some of the actions these organizations are taking in the geographies.

The Promise of Collective Action

This is the time to make a real difference and make sure that learning doesn’t stop for these 100,000 children.

The need of the hour is to empower these organizations and ensure that their work isn’t disrupted due to discontinued funding, inaccessible technology, and resources.

We are forming a collective of 20+ organizations to support education in the rural and tribal geographies of India. 

Your Support will help us in

Reaching rural and tribal at-risk students across 9 states in India

Forming partnerships with government support and endorsement

Building a collective of local organizations that are on the ground with strong connections to the community

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The Supporters

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