Enabling young changemakers to evolve into
leaders in the development sector

How do we empower a generation to lead change with a platform approach? In early 2018, this question propelled our team at Mantra4Change to design and launch a one-of-its-kind fellowship program.  With a vision to shape and transform youth to platform champions in the development ecosystem, we welcomed the first Cohort of five fellows and two partner organizations in August 2018.  

Today, our fellows are creating solutions for stakeholders across domains and organizations all over India.

ShikshaKalp, a 20-month fellowship program, is creating a generation of adaptable thinkers who are sensitized to systemic issues and work with organizations in the ecosystem to create assets and solutions that impact at scale by leveraging platform thinking.

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‘Get uncomfortable to be comfortable’ ShikshaKalp fellowship encouraged and motivated me to push my boundaries. It helped me understand the systems and their intricacies and provided experiences that enabled me to think solutions at scale. It built intrigue in me with the idea of societal platforms and its importance in dealing with societal challenges. The fellowship gave me the opportunity to study different stakeholders in the education sector and their day-to-day challenges: understanding different stakeholders helped me realise how important it is to build user-centric solutions. Apart from understanding the ecosystem, through this journey, I have been able to create a network that helped me grow professionally and personally.

Aishwarya Rastogi

Fellow, 2018-2020 September 30, 2020

My journey in the ShikshaKalp Fellowship has been a rewarding experience. As a fellow, my days are immersed in discussions around the changing nature of the education landscape, future of educational leadership, technology in education and most importantly, ways and means for creating interesting, relevant and quality digital content. There’s never any dearth of opportunities here and these continue to add value to our understanding of what sustainable change through digitization of learning looks like.

Tanisha Kedia

Fellow, 2018-2020 September 30, 2020

Being a ShikshaKalp fellow has opened doors to a whole new world for me. From learning about societal change, the state of the education sector to understanding my own potential to make a real impact- it’s been a paradigm shift day one! Being in the midst of a culture that promotes personal and professional growth along with co-fellows who are powerhouses of talent in themselves, this amazing ride has begun with a promising tone.

Shri Krishnan Ram

Fellow, 2018-2020 September 30, 2020

The journey so far has been intriguing and mesmerizing. New ideas like platform thinking and using technology as a platform for solving complex societal problems has broadened my horizon. Creating digital learning assets and solutions that are user-centric, and taking part in weekly sessions on the development of interpersonal and professional skills, has me grow holistically. This journey has been made even more special by the bunch of passionate and energetic fellows who have motivated, inspired and challenged me to be a better person in every way.

Prateek Agarwal

Fellow, 2019-2021 September 30, 2020

In my experience through the ShikshaKalp fellowship, I have witnessed and experienced a lot of new         ideas and experiments across various platforms. The radical ideas about how we can use platforms and new models to transform education, social services, and governance in India, thanks to the fellowship.

Rijul Ballal

Fellow, 2019-2021 September 30, 2020

Our Team

Jovita Joshi

Program Lead

Poonam Shukla

Program Director

Roopa Narayan

Roopa Narayan Design Lead


ShikshaKalp is a 20-month fellowship program by Mantra4Change – a Bengaluru based NGO. ShikshaKalp launched its first cohort in August 2018 with 5 fellows placed in 2 partner organizations. The program aims to enable and engage fellows to create innovative solutions leveraging platform thinking to solve complex social challenges.

  • Age – 21 to 28 years
  • Graduate or Postgraduate – any discipline
  • Passionate about working on complex social challenges
  • Willing to commit 20-months to the fellowship (full time)


For the 20 months of the fellowship, the fellow will receive a stipend of INR. 30,000 and Housing Rent Allowance of INR. 5000. This amount will also cover local commute and food expenses. All personal travel (e.g.: to hometown and back to organisation location), will be borne by the fellow.

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